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Paradise Palace propose unique collection of decorative products with wide range of variety such as Mosaic tile, decorative ceramic panels, ornamental fountain, decorative mirror panels, Moroccan mosaic tile ( Zalij ), Turkish ceramic ( Iznik ), Islamic ceramic tile for mosque and the calligraphy, decorative ceramic for swimming pool, ceramic with carpet design for flooring, lattice ceramic forms for fences and windows, cladding brick and glazed brick.
Apart from that, Paradise Palace Trading has capacity of offering new collection of different finishing products from famous branded factories and producer such as Natural and Artificial Stone granite and marbles, unique collection of onyx marble, Water jet cutting panels with natural and artificial material, special ceramic tile and glass mosaic for swimming pools, Terracotta ceramic tile for flooring and steps, porcelain granite full body ceramic for flooring, cladding brick, load bearing brick and glass blocks.

- Mosaic tile Panels: Mosaic tile is made from small pieces of ceramic tile which are cut and put together according the pattern or design , the panels are casted with concrete or resin from back and reinforced with steel rod or glass fibre. Panels can be casted on straight or curve shapes mould with limitless size, thickness of panels depending to backing material can be from 15mm to 5 mm. Design and patterns are variation with classic arabesque floral pattern or Islamic geometrical patterns as well as modern designs. Other forms of Mosaic are also available such as Moqarnas shapes with 3D view mainly used in Ceiling and roofs.

- Decorative Ceramic tile mural panel: Ceramic tiles with different size such as 10 X 10 , 15 X 15 , 20 X 20 , 20 X 25 . 30 X 25 etc make mural panels, mainly patterns are repetitive or uniform which demonstrating classic or modern art work, even pictures or landscape views can be drawn on tiles, basically type of pattern can be created on murals and there is no limit in design selection. After drawing process the above 900 degree firing jobs makes the entire glaze and colours resistance against natural effect and the panels can last outdoor for many years.

- Decorative tile and mosaic for swimming pools and fountain: Porcelain material is used to produce special body for ceramic tile to enhance zero water resistance; afterward patterns are drawn on the tile and tile would be fired in kiln for over 1000 degree to prepare suitable product for inside water function.

- Decorative mirror panels: Decorative mirror is generally produced with geometrically cut mirror pieces fixed on gypsum board or wall surface. Mostly combination of mirror work with gypsum decorative work and painting work create brilliant art work at the final job.

- Moroccan Mosaic – Zalij: Moroccan mosaic tile or Zalij is made of small pieces of almost modular and geometrical pieces of ceramic tile, these pieces fit together almost seamlessly to create geometric patterns of mind-altering complexity. Zalij panels can be used for flooring, walls, fountains creating traditional Moorish atmosphere in architecture.

- Art deco Murals with Turkish patterns: Iznic tile are mainly made of special body from silica, white clay and glass frit the fro glazing the tile we generally use under glaze method and tile and body will be fired one time. Under glaze method makes an opaque glassy layer on the decorative pigments used for patterns. Mainly pattern are from Ottoman era consist of dark blue (cobalt blue) and turquoise colours. Most of glaze and colours are metal oxide bases and firing temperature is about 900 degree for this product, very well reinforced for both outdoor and indoor usage.

- Decorative ceramic tile for mosque and Calligraphy: Ceramic has been widely used in mosque and religious places in Islamic architecture; we have the reputation to be the biggest producer and contractor of traditional ceramic for such purpose all over the Middle East region. Spectacular design and colours will be selected very carefully under supervision of project consultants and clients due to sensitivity of such projects. Selected verses of Quran and Hadith can be written in calligraphy with different styles such as Kufi, Tholth , Naskh , Bannaie on ceramic and to be decorated with Islamic arabesque design or Islamic geometrical patterns. Special body of tile are designed for dome and minarets as well as particular glaze for dome covering to protect the tile quality against subzero temperature. Moqarnas with composition of its geometrical, three dimensional view, and ceramic tile patterns which is commonly used in Islamic architecture creates spectacular attraction for the monument; our masters have delicately built unique Moqarnas forms.

- Decorative ceramic tile for flooring: Ceramic tile with inlayed glaze create a suitable masterpiece for designers who need a stunning floor to be used in both high traffic and normal entrances or lobby flooring. To enhance required material we use particular glaze and protection layer of glaze and as well as special body in our ceramic, the non skid effect can be created also in order to reduce slippery risk.

- Lattice ceramic forms: Lattice ceramic forms are available with different variety of colors and size; Lattice-Cerams are statically engineered to be safe for high mounted window or walls. Bulkiness and glaze from both sides make both faces useful and visible. Lattice Ceram is famous in most of classic and modern environment due to its capacity for controlling the light and air circulation.

- Cladding brick and glazed bricks: Paradise Palace own separate production line equipped with automatic modernized machinery for production of cladding brick as well as load bearing brick. We produce brick from 20 mm thickness up to 110mm with different size and colours. Mainly colours of bricks are red, beige, white, yellow but all of them can be glazed with any colour.

- Onyx Marble: Paradise Palace has capacity to provide many type of Onyx marble in slab, tile or cut to size forms and well as cube. Our collection of onyx marble is carefully selected from best quarry including pink onyx, light green onyx, Dark green onyx, white onyx, golden white onyx, peach onyx, smoke onyx , honey onyx, blue brow onyx , yellow onyx.

- Water Jet Cutting: Paradise Palace has the capacity for producing waterjet cutting designs as wall borders or flooring patterns, we have beautiful collection of design and designers are able to prepare shop drawing for project.

- Natural Stone: Paradise Palace has the reputation to provide natural marble, granite, travertine, in different forms such as tile and slab. We have capacity to provide cut to size tiles as well as counter top, steps, and columns from 3 cm or 2 cm thickness slabs.



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